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Towing Company | Towing Services - Tow Truck Company

Tow Truck Company

Tow Truck Company | Emergency Towing Services 

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Emergency Towing Service

Emergency Towing Service

Although regular maintenance and servicing is an integral part of owning and operating an automobile, the occurrence of faults and mishaps cannot be fully controlled.

That is to say, every car has, and will, develop faults at unexpected points in time. And occasionally, these faults may develop in unfavorable locations, leaving you in desperate need of a tow.

You may be tempted to pick up your phone and call the first towing company whose contact you can obtain. Don’t!

Cars require professional handling at all times, whether it is driven on the highway or being towed off mountain roads – particularly when in tow.

Allowing amateurs to handle your car towing may cost you more in terms of money and worse damage to your car. Therefore, before calling a towing company to help move your car, there are a few factors you should consider. Those factors will be fully discussed in this article and valuable suggestions will be proffered to help you hire a towing company wisely.

Collision Towing | Towing After Accident

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Service Areas

License and Certification

Another way to gather information about a towing company is to do a little bit of detective work on their website. Check for licenses and certifications on the website. 

Licensed towing companies aren’t shy to flaunt their licenses, certifications, and awards on their website. Also, you can look them up on a business license records directory. Just as you wouldn’t go to an unlicensed doctor, it’s vital that you only hire licensed towing companies as they have competent personnel who have the proper qualifications to handle the towing and other repairs including repairs of your car.

If an unlicensed company causes more damage to your car, insurance companies will not reimburse you for the damages. So, ensure a towing company has the proper licenses before you ask them to help.

Availability and Quick Response

A good towing company will have someone manning the phones at all times. Whenever you call, there’ll be someone at the dispatch center to pick up the phone. Such companies can maintain a round-the-clock roster of staff members.


So, when you’re in an emergency and dire need of a tow, you won’t have to wait too long for someone to pick the call or for help to arrive.

Further, competent towing companies will send help your way within thirty minutes of speaking to the dispatcher as they usually have qualified and well-equipped personnel on standby, ready to respond to your emergency. Thus, you won’t have to stay out in possibly dangerous locations for long before help arrives.

Towing Pricing

Towing companies do not all charge their fees the same way. Some charge a daily rate from their clients for their assistance. Some companies charge a per-mile rate based on the distance over which your car will be towed in addition to a standard fee. Determine how the towing company charges so you can have an estimate of how much the tow will cost you.

Besides, the company’s policies may cost you a lot more than the normal range. For instance, if your car develops a fault at a lengthy distance from your home, some towing companies will transport the car to the nearest yard, and you’d be required to hire another towing company to move your car from that point to your home, thereby incurring more cost.

Here’s a tip when it comes to tow pricing; if the company refuses to give you their rates on the phone, treat that as a red flag. They may have hidden charges or fluctuating charges and you’d end up paying a very exorbitant fee.

Support for Multiple Payment Methods

Many a time, people forget to ask if their payment method is supported by the towing company, and when the tow is complete, confusion arises when payment should be made. So be sure to ask on the phone which payment methods the towing company supports.

Ideally, go for a towing company that supports multiple payment channels so you can pay via any channel you find convenient be it credit card, debit card, et cetera. Such companies usually have a varied clientele.

Towing and Transportation Services

Customer Reviews

The first place you would probably go to find a towing company is Google, which is an excellent tool to determine the quality of a towing company’s services.

When you find a towing company on Google, be sure to check the company’s ratings in the business listing. However, keep in mind that anyone can have a five-star rating with just a few reviews. So, take things a step forward by reading the company’s customer reviews.

Whether you are stuck roadside, had a late night partying, or had an accident and need an emergency towing service; we got you covered at E&G Express.

Simply call us today to get a quote.

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