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Palm Beach Gardens Towing Services – Tow Truck | Towing Company

E&G Express provides Palm Beach Gardens towing service for emergency and roadside assistance.  

Palm Beach Gardens towing services

Palm Beach Gardens Tow Truck | Emergency Towing Services in Palm Beach Gardens

Find our nearest tow truck service available near you in your area. Fill out the form below for a call back regarding scheduling a transportation.

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

E&G Express | Towing Services

Tel: 561-320-4002
Tel: 561-252-7201
Email: service@egtowtruck.com

Latitude: 26.8396° N
Longitude: 80.1019° W

Zip Code: 33403, 33408, 33410, 33412, 33420, 33478

Monday - Friday
8 AM - 7 PM

10 AM - 7 PM

10 AM - 7 PM

Emergency Towing Service | Hiring A Towing Service

Emergency Towing Service

Do you own a car? If you answered yes to the question, then it is likely that you have sometimes felt the need to hire the services of a towing company.

It doesn’t really matter, why you called on them – missing spare, flat tire, or a knocked engine – what matters is that they came through and helped you move your vehicle to the nearest repair point.

Roadside Assistance

Most towing companies do offer a wide range of roadside assistance. You may want to know that they offer assistance every day of the week, so you can be sure of the fact that they will be there to pull you out of any mechanical mess you find yourself in.

They will help you with things such as changing a flat tire or jump-starting your engine. Know that towing service providers are experienced enough to ensure that you are helped out of your situation even when you don’t need a tow truck.

A good towing company will be there to ease your anxiety during vehicle breakdown, while they ensure that you remain safe and sound throughout the entire process.

For minor emergencies where your car is simply down temporarily, they will be there as soon as feasible to get your vehicle up and running.

Car Accidents Towing

Yeah, I know quite we that no one plans or prays for an accident, but then, accidents don’t need your consent to happen, and it’s advisable to prepare in advance for this unpleasant possibility. One way to prepare in advance is by having the contact of a trusted and reliable company.

One advantage of doing this is that towing vehicle drivers are good at what they do. I tell you, when your car has just been involved in an accident, the last thing you should do is try tow it yourself. Rather, seek the service of a towing company.

For one thing, driving a towing vehicle is totally different from driving ordinary cars, and expert skills are needed to operate them effectively. They will ensure that they apply the experience and expertise needed to transfer your vehicle in a way that it suffers no further dame during transfer.

Apart from the aforementioned, they are also capable of transferring more than one vehicle at a time. For instance, if more than one car is involved in an accident, they do not have to tow all the cars involved in the accident separately. Rather, they will help save money and time, and simply tow them at once with the use of their long towing trucks.

Emergency Towing Services 

Your vehicle just broke down at the stroke of midnight! Calm down my friend, don’t lose your cool. As long as your cell phone is up, you are good.

You see, towing companies provide a 24-hour service, which means that it doesn’t matter, what time you need them. You can be sure that they will be there. Emergency towing services are prepared to assist drivers on issues such as lockouts, dead batteries, flat tires, empty gas tanks, etc. any time of the day!

South Florida Towing Service Areas 

Difference Between Towing Services

Towing services can be categorized into three major categories: light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty.

Light-Duty Towing Services

As the name suggests, light-duty towing services with the towing of light-weight cars. Small trucks are used for the towing process in this category, and the type of vehicles that are being towed are smaller vehicles and cars with flat tires, or those that won’t just start.

The best time to opt for this form of towing services is when your car engine stops, or when you find yourself locked out of the car with the key inside.

All you need do in these situations is simply to call on the services of a towing company, and you can rest assured of the fact that they will help move your car to the nearest repair shop or your home.

Medium-Duty Towing Services

Medium-duty towing services are called upon when the vehicles to be towed are neither light nor heavy-weight – just in between.

The vehicles in this category  SUVs, pickup trucks, vans, accident vehicles, or vehicles that are deemed as un-towable due to the fact that they have no tires.

You can be sure of the fact that a medium-duty towing company will be there to help.

Heavy-Duty Towing Services

As the name suggests this is used to move heavy-duty vehicles, such as industry trucks, lorries, boats, and larger vehicles. In order to move this category of vehicles, they make use of a lot of heavy safety equipment to lift the vehicle and put them in a tow truck.

Palm Beach Gardens Tow truck | Emergency Towing Services