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Fort Lauderdale Transportation Services | Transportation Company

E&G Express provides Fort Lauderdale transportation services for those looking to move vehicles a distance along with other types of transportation needs. Our services extend to commercial transportation, cargo transportation, and more. Simply contact us to find out more about our services in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Fort Lauderdale transportation services

Fort Lauderdale Transportation | Vehicle Transportation Services in Fort Lauderdale

Find our nearest tow truck service available near you in your area. Fill out the form below for a call back regarding scheduling a transportation.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

E&G Express | Transportation Services

Tel: 561-320-4002
Tel: 561-252-7201
Email: service@egtowtruck.com

Latitude: 26.1224° N
Longitude: 80.1373° W

Zip Code: 33301, 33302, 33303, 33304, 33305, 33306, 33307, 33308, 33309, 33310, 33311, 33312, 33313, 33314, 33315, 33316, 33317, 33318, 33319, 33320, 33321, 33322, 33323, 33324, 33325, 33326, 33327, 33328, 33329

Monday - Friday
8 AM - 7 PM

10 AM - 7 PM

10 AM - 7 PM

Commercial Transportation Service

Vehicle Transportation

Vehicle Transportation

Making the right choice, when it comes to a good transportation service, can be quite hard. So, how do you choose the right transport company; in terms of comfortability, customer service, and affordability?

When looking to hire a transportation service, below are some of the factors you need to consider.


Suppose you are travelling from Detroit to Durham, would you order for the services of a taxi that operates in Detroit? Definitely not! In this scenario, you’ll need a transportation service that operates in Durham. Hence, when looking to order for a transport service online, be sure to be specific as regards the location.

Try adding the desired location to the search text. That way, you’ll get a result detailing all the transportation services that operates within the intended location. And when opting for a transport company that operates in multiple locations, be sure to check the company website for the list of locations they operate in to be sure your intended destination is included.

Also, be sure that they will pick you up at the airport and drop you off at your desired location, it will save you the hassle of having to catch another cab.


If you’ve ever felt cramped within the confines of an uncomfortable vehicle during a long travel, then it’s likely you understand why this is important. The feeling is enough to spoil your mood for the whole day and spoil your vacation!

Believe me, you really don’t want to sacrifice your comfort in exchange for saving a few bucks, so be sure to check the cost of the transportation service, and ensure that they are both affordable and comfortable.

And since affordability is more of a subjective term, you should know that what is “affordable price” at home may be quite different from what is in your intended destination. Hence, the need to find out what the reasonable price for your service is in your desired destination, and opt for a service that charge within that range.

Company Reputation

The history and reputation of a good transportation company also matters a lot; you want to be sure that the company has a good reputation. All you need do is read their customer reviews on google or on other review websites.

Do not try to check their reviews on their personal website, trust me, whatever you get there has been filtered to their taste, you do not want such biased review. An unbiased review is a good way to gain insight into the reactions and feelings of people who have used the services of the company.

Vehicle Type and Size

You really do not want to opt for a transportation service that only offers car, when what you actually need is a van. To avoid such annoying situations, be sure to check if the transport company you’re looking to hire possesses the type of vehicle that suit your needs.

Also, consider the size of luggage you’d be travelling with, and ensure the proposed vehicle has enough space to convey you, those travelling with you, and your luggage, comfortably to your location.

South Florida Transportation Areas 

Palm Beach County Transportation

Boca Raton, FL

Boynton Beach, FL

Delray Beach, FL

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

West Palm Beach, FL

Broward County Transportation

Coral Springs, FL

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Hollywood, FL

Pompano Beach, FL

Commercial Transportation Services

This is the commonest type of service. It is mostly in form of taxi services, such as Bolt and Uber. Under this category, drivers use their personal vehicles to convey people and operate within their own schedule. This type of transport service is best suited for traveling within a city.

Medical Equipment Transportation Services

This is a transport service that often involve the conveyance of the elderly or sick to their specialist appointments at the hospital. This is often required when the customer stays far away from the hospital. It also involves driving admitted patients who require special treatment from one hospital to a medical facility that’s equipped for such treatment.

Transportation Service
Luxury Car Transportation Service

Rental and Luxury Vehicle Transportation

This type of service deals with letting out vehicles to individuals or companies for a period of time. For example, if you need to travel to another country and you see that you’ll need to move around a lot, rather than hire a cab each time you go out, you may simply rent a car to serve you throughout the duration of your stay.

Fort Lauderdale Transportation Company