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Hollywood Transportation Services | Transportation Company

E&G Express provides Hollywood transportation services for those looking to move vehicles a distance along with other types of transportation needs. Our services extend to commercial transportation, cargo transportation, and more. Simply contact us to find out more about our services in the Hollywood area.

Hollywood transportation services

Hollywood Transportation | Vehicle Transportation Services in Hollywood

Find our nearest tow truck service available near you in your area. Fill out the form below for a call back regarding scheduling a transportation.

Hollywood, Florida

E&G Express | Transportation Services

Tel: 561-320-4002
Tel: 561-252-7201
Email: service@egtowtruck.com

Latitude: 26.0112° N
Longitude: 80.1495° W

Zip Code: 33004, 33020, 33083, 33019, 33023, 33312

Monday - Friday
8 AM - 7 PM

10 AM - 7 PM

10 AM - 7 PM

Commercial Transportation Service

Vehicle Transportation

Vehicle Transportation

Choosing a transportation service can be a real dilemma at times. How do you pick a transportation service with good customer service, and that offers comfortability at an affordable rate in a city that’s miles away from where you live?

When looking to hire a transport company, the following are important questions you need to consider in order to make the right decision.


Let’s say you were traveling from Detroit to Durham, would you hire a taxi service that operates in Detroit? Of course not! What you need is a transportation service that operates within Durham.

Thus, when you go online looking for a transportation service, remember to be specific about the location. You could add the desired location in the search text and you’d get a results page detailing all the transportation services in that location.

Sometimes, you may find a transportation service that operates in multiple cities or countries. Be sure to check the company’s website to see if your destination is on the list of locations that they operate in. Ensure that they will pick you up at the airport and will drop you off at your desired location. It’s not worth your while if you have to catch another cab dragging your luggage with you.


Believe me, you do not want to be stuck in an uncomfortable vehicle for a long drive. Endure too little space for your legs or uncomfortable seats and you might just have your worst experience of the vacation during the last lap. Don’t let that last lap ruin your vacation; do your research beforehand. Find out the type of vehicles the service uses and check if they’re comfortable.

You most certainly do not want to sacrifice comfort for affordability, or vice versa – except you make a ton of money. Either way, check the transportation service’s cost and see if they’re reasonable. A reasonable price at your destination may differ from a reasonable price back home.

So, find out what a reasonable price would be here. And find services that charge within that range. Some companies will give you discounts, depending on factors such as booking your arrival and return trips at once in advance. So, remember to ask the service for discounts.

Company Reputation

You want to make sure that the transportation service you hire has a history of good customer satisfaction. To find this out, read customer reviews on Google, or search for the business on a review website.

Never base your research solely on the company’s website, as they only portray a polished view of the company. Reviews, on the other hand, provide an insight into the feelings of people who have used the transportation service and what they have to say about the company.

Vehicle Type and Size

If you were in need of a moving van and the transportation service you hired only had cabs, how comfortable would you find your moving? Quite challenging, not so? Or if you needed a transportation service to convey your large family of six from the airport, would a cab be enough? You may need to look for an alternative for the individuals left.

Now, how nice is that? To avoid situations such as these, you should check if the transportation company you’re looking to hire possesses the type of vehicles you need. Also, consider the amount of luggage you’d be traveling with. Ensure the vehicles have enough space to convey you, anyone you’re traveling with, and all of your luggage comfortably to your destination.

South Florida Transportation Areas 

Palm Beach County Transportation

Boca Raton, FL

Boynton Beach, FL

Delray Beach, FL

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

West Palm Beach, FL

Broward County Transportation

Coral Springs, FL

Deerfield Beach, FL

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hollywood, FL

Pompano Beach, FL

Commercial Transportation Services

This refers to the commonest type of transportation service that we all know and use often. Commercial transportation services are mostly taxi services like Uber and Bolt.

For services like Uber, drivers use their personal vehicles and operate within their own schedule. This type of transportation service is ideal for traveling within the same city.

Medical Equipment Transportation Services

This includes services for transporting elderly citizens who can no longer get around on their own, driving people to their specialist appointments at world-class hospitals, especially if they live at a long-distance from the hospital, and driving admitted patients who require specialized treatment to medical facilities equipped for such treatment.

Transportation Service
Luxury Car Transportation Service

Rental and Luxury Vehicle Transportation

This sector of the transportation industry is concerned with letting out vehicles to individuals for a stipulated amount of time. Say you were traveling to another country and you needed to get around a lot, renting a car would be a more viable solution than hiring a cab each time you needed to go out.

Hollywood FL Transportation Company